Bernini’s Early Life

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, one the foremost Italian artists of the seventeenth century. He was a painter, architect, city planner, sculptor, and more but he is most well known for his impressive array of sculptures decorating the city of Rome, Italy. These sculptures display his great ability to be able to shape marble ,a very hard, unyielding material ,with incredible realism, motion, and depth.

Next he was born December 7, 1598 in Naples and died November 28, 1680 at the ripe old age of 81 in Rome after having a long, successful life. His parents were Angelica Galante and Pieto Bernini. His mother was a housewife and his father was a well known Florentine sculptor who taught his young son how to sculpt, paint, etc. Bernini even at a young age showed a great ability to sculpt, so much so that he would work with his father on many important commissions. One of these was Figures of Flora and Priapus commissioned by Cardinal Borghese to adorn his home the Villa Borghese.

These and another early works by Bernini and his father attracted the attention of Cardinal Scipione Borghese, the Pope’s nephew and the first of many of the powerful clients that Bernini would have in his lifetime. The young artist created for the cardinal many sculptures to decorate his home including The David, Apollo and Daphne, and Aeneas, Anchises, and Ascanius.



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