Habakkuk and the Angel

Habbakuk and the Angel was created between the years 1655-61, for the Church of the Santa Marie del Popolo in Rome, Italy and was placed in the Chigi Chapel across from the statue of Daniel. This was so the angels outstretched right finger is pointing Habakkuk to Daniel.

This statue tells a story from the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament in The Bible. In the story Habakkuk was a prophet from Judea, and that one day he was visited by an angel that told him that he should food to Daniel in the lions den. Habakkuk answered that he had never meet Daniel and he did not know where he was. The angels response was to pick him by the hair and fly him to Daniel.

The artistry in this piece is shown with the very realistic angel wings with beautifully sculpted feathers, the folds and tucks of the angel and Habakkuk’s clothing, and the powerful expression of surprise on Habakkuk’s face all show Bernini’s talent in shaping marble.

Finally, my opinion of this artwork is like Daniel, this statue shows Bernini’s amazing talent even as an older man. He stills manages to create beautiful artworks that places the viewer into the action of the story and tells the biblical stories in his pieces.

Bernini, Gian Lorenzo. Habakkuk. 1655-57. Santa Marie del Paplo, Rome. Santa Maria del Popolo. Web. 04 Nov. 2013.
Stoan, Katie. “Habakkuk and the Angel.” My Kid Could Paint That. The Barstow School, 16 April 2013. Web. 04 Nov. 2013.


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